PPSC Short questions for interviews

PPSC Short questions for interviews, you can also get help from Click here.

Questions: Do you know any numerical method for solving ordinary differential equations?

What is Newton Raphson’s method?

Write the mathematical formula for Newton’s raphson.

What are the qualities of a university lecturer?

There was an equation given to me and they asked me to discuss the solution of that equation.

Lagrange theoram and when its converse holds.

Graph of |x|

Klein four-group, is it cyclic?

Fourth roots of unity and its structure, is it cyclic?

Bolzano weirstrass theoram?

Complete space?

Euler Formula?

What is transposition?

What is a linear function and operator?

Why Zaheer Abbas is famous?
Highest score by him in tests, and in which ground?

Units of Ring?
Units in Z?
Euclidean domain?
R4 space?
Properties of Suprimum and Infimum?
Bounded set?
Completeness property?
An integer between 1 and 2?
What is geometry?
What is the universe, a black hole?
Compact stars and gravitational collapse?
difference between general relativity and special relativity?
Define the equivalence principle.
Best mathematician according to you and explain why ?
Cauchy rieman equations
Difference between continuity and uniform continuity.
Lipschitz function and relation between uniform and Lipschitz function.
Relationship between continuity and uniform continuity.
Topology and compact topology.
The first picture of the black hole and its name.
Explain gravitational collapse in one line.
Any field dominates mathematics.
Every mathematician is a physicist or vice versa…is it correct ??
connected space
Relative space
binary operation
Unitary operation
uniform continuous function
difference between uniformly continuous and continuous?
Define bases in topology, Banach space
Define neighborhood
What is even and function?
How do we identify them?
What is a continuous function?
Is cosx+sinx even or odd?
What is a rectangle?
When we assign values to the width and length of a rectangle, what shape in our daily lives do we obtain?
Types of triangles?

PPSC Short questions for interviews


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